Who is Céleste?

Hvem er Céleste?

Welcome to Céleste, a universe where timeless elegance meets modern finesse. But who is really behind this exclusive brand?

My name is Jonathan Galis and I am 21 years old. Together with my mother, Adina Galis, we run Céleste – a dream that came true through hard work, passion and a love for everything that sparkles.

Our story begins with our former family business, which specialized in gold jewellery. In 2016, my parents ran another gold jewelry business until they decided to close it.

My fascination with jewelry began long before that. Since I was very small, I have been captivated by the shine and beauty embedded in each and every piece of gold and precious stone.

When I turned 20, I was faced with a unique opportunity: my parents gave me the remaining stock from their former business. This became my catalyst – my chance to create something unique that both preserved our family's heritage and added my own vision.

With their support and spirit as inspiration, I began the journey of re-branding and renewing the company. After many months of preparation, dedication and hard work, we are finally opening the doors to Céleste.

Céleste is more than just a gold jewelry store. It is a place where history, craftsmanship and innovation merge. We present carefully selected collections that reflect both classic beauty and modern trends. Our jewelery is designed to be loved, worn and admired – created to capture the most precious memories and moments in life.

We invite you to explore our collections and discover the perfect piece that speaks to your heart. Every piece of jewelry at Céleste is a tribute to the precious memories we all hold dear, and we hope you will find something that will become part of your own story.

We look forward to sharing our passion for jewelry with you and helping you find the perfect pieces that will shine in your life forever.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Galis, creator of Céleste